sábado, 12 de março de 2011


Carnival in Portugal is an old tradition.
We use to celebrate it in the 5 days before the lent.
During those days we eat fat meet boiled with vegetables, fried sweets, and all kind of fat food, for the next 40 days of lent we will eat only thin aliments. We also use to make treats to friends. On Sunday afternoon and night, all the village people, use to "assault" one of the village families. Young people from the village went to one house and made the "robbery". They celebrate together eating all that they can.
Until Tuesday people enjoy themselves playing, and walking around the village. On Tuesday night, we use to buried the carnival, and during the funeral people did not speak or laugh. We use it to make the entrance of the lent.
In our school we also enjoy the Carnival.
This year, as the sun was shining, we all made a parade in the village. It was really fun. Do you want to see how it was?
We hope you enjoy it so much as we did...

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  1. Ola Maria da Luz:
    Parabens pelo Projeto Littlestar do eTwinning. Acabei de conhecer o projeto em Malta, provaste que Portugal tem boas praticas.
    Filomena Almeida(Jardim de infancia de Braganca)