terça-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2011

It is a "so long", not a "goodbye"

It´s time for Twinkle to rest now.  She is one of us now. She use to sit with us in great group, play with us, and stay beside us when we are working. Each day one of us is encharged of her. So she is happy because she has a lot of friends. She goes with us everywere, but what she likes best is to ear our stories.  She also enjoys to go to our home during week ends. She is a very happy star because she has a lot of friends that loves her, and we are really lucky because she is here with us.
This project just finish, but not our work or our friendship. So, as 2011 is the "International Chemestry Year", for it makes a century that Nobel Prize was given for the first time to a  woman, Marie Currie, we decided to begin a new project, this time about experimental science.
So, if you want to keep following our work you can visit us in:
"The four elements in the kindergarten", in : http://fourelementsinkindergarten.blogspot.com/

 For you are wellcome.
We are waiting for you there

Maria,Malgorzata and children

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