sábado, 26 de março de 2011

Art III - Geometry, lines, color and art

We continue to grapple with the color, shape, geometry, and little by little we are discovering the art and working concepts.

What we found:
- Straight lines - are too perfectly straight and can be of many sizes. (Matilde Q.)
- Curved lines are straight lines that go all the laps. (Hugo)
If the lines were real people, new people were straight lines, those old ladies were curved and the babies were oval. (Diogo)
- Lines are everywhere (Ricardo)
- The lines are for writing and drawing. (Daisy)
And from the line, geometry, form and color we ...

Art II - Colors and sound

We went on with our art work. This time we had a chalenge to win. We were going to paint, but with three conditions. We had to be in silence to ear Mozart, we had to feel all the paper and we nly could use three colours of the same famely. The result was amasing...

Art I... - Discovering secondary colors

After read the book from Leo Lionne "Little blue and little yellow" we made a trip by the world of secondary colors.
This is what we have learn:

sábado, 12 de março de 2011


Carnival in Portugal is an old tradition.
We use to celebrate it in the 5 days before the lent.
During those days we eat fat meet boiled with vegetables, fried sweets, and all kind of fat food, for the next 40 days of lent we will eat only thin aliments. We also use to make treats to friends. On Sunday afternoon and night, all the village people, use to "assault" one of the village families. Young people from the village went to one house and made the "robbery". They celebrate together eating all that they can.
Until Tuesday people enjoy themselves playing, and walking around the village. On Tuesday night, we use to buried the carnival, and during the funeral people did not speak or laugh. We use it to make the entrance of the lent.
In our school we also enjoy the Carnival.
This year, as the sun was shining, we all made a parade in the village. It was really fun. Do you want to see how it was?
We hope you enjoy it so much as we did...

terça-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2011

It is a "so long", not a "goodbye"

It´s time for Twinkle to rest now.  She is one of us now. She use to sit with us in great group, play with us, and stay beside us when we are working. Each day one of us is encharged of her. So she is happy because she has a lot of friends. She goes with us everywere, but what she likes best is to ear our stories.  She also enjoys to go to our home during week ends. She is a very happy star because she has a lot of friends that loves her, and we are really lucky because she is here with us.
This project just finish, but not our work or our friendship. So, as 2011 is the "International Chemestry Year", for it makes a century that Nobel Prize was given for the first time to a  woman, Marie Currie, we decided to begin a new project, this time about experimental science.
So, if you want to keep following our work you can visit us in:
"The four elements in the kindergarten", in : http://fourelementsinkindergarten.blogspot.com/

 For you are wellcome.
We are waiting for you there

Maria,Malgorzata and children

segunda-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2011

The poster from our project

Here is the poster of our project.

This is the end of this wonderful project. We share a lot, we enjoy too much doing it, we learn a lot toghether, we get new friends, but the most important thing is that it opened a door to Europe and children really understand that even if we can not understand the language, we still can be friends and work and built something toghether and in peace. It was great to work toghether! Etwinnig is the best thing that hapenned to me in this 32 years of work.

domingo, 2 de janeiro de 2011

Preparing Christmas

This is the way we prepare christmas. Do you want to see it.  So come with us!!!
Have a peacefull Christmas and a Happy new year!
Maria and Children from little stars classroom

sábado, 1 de janeiro de 2011

Twinkle is here again...

Yes, twinkle is with us again. As she knows how baby Jesus need a star in the crib, and as she knows that we really love christmas, she decided to return for some time to our classroom. So, one morning when we arrived she was by the crib, sharring her ligth and her magic.
And as we know how much she loves stories, we left a christmas story to her and to all our friends. We hope you enjoy it!

domingo, 14 de novembro de 2010

Twinkle is a winner!

Last saturday, 13th of November, in a beautiful town in the north of Portugal named Póvoa do Lanhoso, our "twinkle" wined the National Prise in the category from 4 to 6 years old. We are really proud for her!
But as she went home, Maria had to recive the prize in her name. He will keep it in our classroom, in a special place where we all can se it, until she came to visit us.  Do you want to see how it was? Look...

Our poster

The arrivel, a tradicional dance from the north of Portugal performed by the local studants, in a very impressive performance. Congratulations!

The arrivel

The anouncement...

Reciving the prize!

We are HAPPY, veryyy happy indeed!

quinta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2010

Twinkle forever...

Twinkle changed our life forever...
It became a simbol of our class, and now, even after she returned home, she is still  present in everywhere. Do you want to know how?
Well, in the beginnig of the year, when we had to choose a new name for our classroom, guess what name did we choose? We choose "Little star", and we decided to put it in our door. Do you want to see how it is? Look...
The little stars´s classroom. And even our familyes begin to call us "Little star".
And when we work in group, and have to choose one name for the group, guess what name do we choose? Yes, it is "Little star". Look how we write it so well!

Look how beatiful it was...

And when we have to know how many boys and how many girls were in class, the simbol we choose was?... The star. 

For us, even far away, twinkle is always present in our life.
We love Twinkle... She changes our life forever!

segunda-feira, 27 de setembro de 2010

Is time to say good bye...

Is time to say good bye...
Now we know that our star had to leave. We told her so many stories that she get her brigtness back, and she finelly could fly back home.
How do we know all this?
Well, we recived a surprise letter from her, do you whant to see it?

Beautiful! Isn´t it? It was send in a beautiful envelop, with our address on it, and beautiful drawings. Inside, it brought news from her, her family, friends and also a book that we use to read her a lot, because it explains one way to reach the sky. The name is: "What does the moon taste like?" As she enjoyed it so much, we read it a lot, so when she arrived home she told the story to her friends at heaven school, and they made a book for us with their own drawings. It is really beautiful! Do you want to see it?

And inside...

So our star is ok, and she promise us that she will came to visit us every time that we need her, and all we have to do is to close our eyes and wish to see her with all our strength...
And, as it is impossible for her to be seen during the day, because, as you already know, stars only shine during the night,  and we only are at school during the day, she presented us his cousin, the sun, the only star we can see by day. Did you know that sun is a star too?
And if you miss her, you can see her shine up in the sky. She is the first shining star that appears in heaven. She shines a lot for we told her a lot of stories. But you have to look for her early, for as she is still a little star she as to go to bed early in the night, just like us.
Look for her tonight. Lot´s if us have already seen her!!!

segunda-feira, 5 de julho de 2010

Did you see our Twinkle star?

We are really worried. Our twinkle just disappeared...
We looked everywhere but we could not find her...
Where can she be? Did you see her?
Today, when we arrived at school she was not at the "resting corner" were she use to be, neither at the library, because as she likes stories very much, we thought that may be she went there. She was acting strangely last Friday, because she didn´t play all day and in the evening she didn´t want to go to nobody´s home. And today the window was open, lot´s of sparkling was on the floor and by the window, and she was not at school.
Please if someone find a smiling small yellow star please contact us. We are afraid that she may be lost...
Maria and children

quinta-feira, 1 de julho de 2010

"Fly above the world so high"

Our Star has a real long tail. She change a colour too. She started to shining more. We are starting holidays and we didn't want to let her alone at our class. We decided that she is ready to come back to her home. So we took our Star, many baloons and we went for a big mountain. Everyone kissed it and hugged it. We sang to the Twinkle and let it go. She fly really high and we were standing and looking for her at the heaven for a long time. We are wondering where is she now. We hope that she will send to us some postcard someday....

quinta-feira, 3 de junho de 2010

International Kid's Day


Our Kid's Day was very sweet. We learn maths during making deserts with chocolate, gummy bears, sweets , wafels etc.

We were dancing and painting our faces.

But the best for us was a suprice which our parents with teachers made for us.

26 (!) parents from our group were training, learning, making costumes for whole month and they made for us a story about „Peter Pan and Captain Hook”. It was really wonderfull ! They were amasing and they made it really like real actors. Thank You for Your hearts, for Your time, Your sense of humor and beautifull memories. Since that time every day children wants to play in Peter Pan and pirates and they are singing songs from this story .


Nasz Dzień Dziecka był bardzo słodki. Uczyliśmy się matematyki w czasie robienia deserów z czekolady, żelków, cukierków, wafli itp.

Tańczyliśmy i malowaliśmy nasze twarze.

Najwiekszą atrakcją była dla nas niespodzianka, którą przygotowali dla nas Rodzice z nauczycielkami.

26 (!) Rodziców z naszej grupy przez cały miesiąc szykowało kostiumy, uczyli sięswoich ról i przychodzili na próby. Przygotowali dla nas przedstawienie o Piotrusiu Panie i Kapitanie Haku.

To było naprawdę fantastyczne. Byli niesamowici i przygotowali bajkę jak zawodowi aktorzy.

Dzięujemy za Wasze serca, Wasz czas, Wasze poczucie humoru i piękne wspomnienia.

Od czasu przedstawienia dzieci codziennie chcą się bawić w Piotrusia Pana i piratów i ciągle śpiewają piosenki z tej bajki.

segunda-feira, 10 de maio de 2010

"The fearful chicken"

"The fearful chicken", is a Portuguese Traditional story, that use to be passed from grand father, to father and from father to son. Children love this story, and so we decided to make a power point for you. The story has been writen by António Mota, a Portuguese teacher, the animals research was made by children and parents at home, the draws were made by children, the paint draws was made by Tomás.
We love this story and hope you like it...
Have a nice week
Maria and friends

Agora em Português...
"A galinha medrosa" é uma História Tradicional Portuguesa, recontada por António Mota e que nós gostamos muito. Por isso fizemos um power point, com imagens que pesquisamos na internet e com alguns desenhos nossos e também feitos no Paint.

domingo, 9 de maio de 2010

Mother day

After see a movie of wild life mothers, children coment: "My mother does that too...". So we decided to make a power point of the subject. This is what we done... We dedicat it to all mothers in the world. So it is for you too!
Maria and children

sábado, 8 de maio de 2010

About our trip

Today we would like to tell you a story about one of the first polish book for kids printed with pictures.It was written by Kornel Makuszyński in 1933.This book is about somersault . He's name Matołek. In polish „matołek” means someone who is not very smart. Matołek heard that somewhere is a town when you can shoe a goats.This town names Pacanów. He was looking this town for all over the world and he had many adventures.

We guess that in Poland everyone knows a book „120 adventures of Somersault Matołek”. It' all written with rhymes.

In 1967 made a fairy tale in tv about Matołek. As an old films this fairy tales does not have any dialogs only music.You can watch it here:


Do You know that Pacanów is really exist in Poland? Couple days ago we went there for a trip .

This town is an European Capitol Of Fairy Tales . You can meet there Somersault Matołek but not only. We went to the European museum of fairy tales. We met there a Little Red Riding Hood . She was our guide. First we had to put some special gnoms shoes. After that we went to a hole in a wall. And a Little Red Riding Hood gave us some magic cakes. When we ate it we became getting smaller and smaller and...

You can read more about Pacanów and museum here: http://www.stolica-bajek.pl/english.php

and see a video about this museum in english here:


terça-feira, 20 de abril de 2010

22 April - International Earth Day

Tomorrow We celebrate Earth...
We leave you one of the videos we saw in class today.
have a nice day.

domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

"A very special little star"... A colaborative story

Our story today, is a special story for us. It´s a colaborative story, that we make toghether.
Maria told us the first sentence and each one of us said a sentence to continue the story. The film voices are ours, and also the drawing. We are sorry because we can not speak in your language but, like this you can ear a little bit of how is the sound of Portuguese linguage. we hope you like it.
Maria and portuguese friends from Valejas

quarta-feira, 7 de abril de 2010

Our Star has a tale !!!

One day when we came to the class we saw that our Twinkle has a colourfull tale.
It is not so long but we are happy that it rising :)
We measured a tale with our bricks and we know that it has the same lenght as one orange brick. It is the same as 2 yellow bricks and the same as 10 white bricks and...
Just look yourself how we built a tale with colour mathematic bricks:

PL/ Nasza gwiazda ma ogon.
Pewnego dnia gdy weszliśmy do sali zobaczyliśmy ,że nasz gwiazda ma kolorowy ogon. Nie jest długi ale cieszymy się,że rośnie. Zmierzyliśmy ogon naszymi klockami i wiemy ,że ma on długość jednego pomarańczowego klocka. To tyle samo długości co 2 żółte klocki i tyle samo co długość10 białych klocków i... zobaczcie sami jak budowaliśmy ogon gwiazdy z klocków matematycznych.

sexta-feira, 2 de abril de 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all our friends!
Maria and children

quinta-feira, 25 de março de 2010


Do You recognize our snowman? Today it's gone. Spring arrived!

We can find first spring flowers:

sábado, 20 de março de 2010

Stil about winter- snow stars

I hope that this is our last note about winter. It's getting warmer in Poland. But before real spring will come we would like to show you what we did some time ago:

If you like it you can also see how we paint our winter here:

quarta-feira, 17 de março de 2010

Spring is arriving...

It´s March. The sun begins to shine and we begin to feel the smell of flowers and grass. Yesterday I saw a swallaw, and the trees are coverd with white flowers...
Spring is comming and we are realy happy!

domingo, 7 de março de 2010

Bad weather...

Here in Portugal we are having a very bad weather, with lots of rain, thunderstorms and wind. So we went by the see to hear the waves in the beach. Do you want to hear them with us? So here they are...

The same place during the summer...

Our Guest.

We invited Kacper's Grandmother to our class. She read for us and our Twinkle a story about "Queen of the snow".
Thank You for a very interesting story.

Zaprosiliśmy do naszej grupy Babcię Kacpra by przeczytała nam i naszej Gwiazdce bajkę o "Królowej Śniegu". Bardzo dziękujemy za ciekawe opowiadanie :)

domingo, 31 de janeiro de 2010


At the same time when you are picking up flowers in Portugal we have about 20 cm of snow in Poland. It's so cold (even 25 centigrades under the 0) that we do not go for a walk outside. But our teacher made a suprise for us. She brought a snow to the class :

When it's really cold and when you walk you can hear how snow is squeaking under your shoes.
Do you want to hear it? Guess on which audio (1 or 2) boy is walking slowly and on which one (1 or 2) boy is running.

W tym samym czasie gdy w Portugalii dzieci zrywają kwiaty w Polsce jest 20 centymetrów śniegu
. Jest tak zimno (nawet 25 poniżej 0) , że nie możemy wychodzićna spacery. Ale nasza pani zrobiła nam niespodziankę. Przyniosła śnieg do sali:

Film drugi i trzeci to nagrane odgłosy skrzypiącego śniegu. Dzieci mają odgadnąć po dźwięku na którym filmie chłopiec idzie powoli a na którym biegnie.

domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2010

As soon as the rain stopped...

It almost seemed the story of "Three bears" ...
For two weeks it rained incessantly.
Sebastião only made roguery, Maria scolded with her friends, Margarida and Guilherme were crying for everything and anything, André chattered incessantly, Diogo was hidding under the table and Mauro laied down on the floor, with their legs up. .. we were all really bored ... And the rain never stop ...
Until today ...
This morning the rain stopped and the sun peeked a little, still very weak, through the clouds. What joy!
We put on our coats and we decided to walk to our secret garden.
Do you want to know how was it?

It was a beatiful walk.
We miss spring so much!...