quinta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2009

Welcome little star

One mornning when we went to the class we found something . It was a real shining star.

Do You want to see our guest? / (PL) Pewnego dnia gdy weszliśmy do sali
znaleźliśmy coś. To była prawdziwa gwiazda.
zobaczyć naszego gościa?
( I'm sorry that the presentation is without voice but I have some troubles with the computer)

Our star has a name. We called her "Diamond" /(PL): Naszą gwiazdę nazwaliśy "Diamencik".
We were painting her portrait : / Malowaliśmy jej portret:

(PL): A teraz piosenka o naszej gwiazdce po angielsku:

And now song about our star in english:

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  1. Fantástic! What a beatiful star!!! and you recieved her so weel that i think that in the time to go home she will want to stay with you. Have a nice week