domingo, 1 de novembro de 2009

How to upload power point to the blog

Dear Janet
Thank you so much for your presentation. It was realy nice to meet you, your school and the children.
I leaft you a message in the reviews behind your message. I understand that you make a power point but you are not able to put it in the blogue. To put a power point in the blogue you must go to WWW.sklideshare. com, and upload it there. To upload it, you have to create an acount (is free), then do the upload (send the presentation to the server), and when it is ready, you have to copy the "embed code". Them "embed in your blogue", that means to past the code in the text box of your massege.
I hope I make myself clear. I am not very good in explanations.
Have a nice day

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