quinta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2010

Twinkle forever...

Twinkle changed our life forever...
It became a simbol of our class, and now, even after she returned home, she is still  present in everywhere. Do you want to know how?
Well, in the beginnig of the year, when we had to choose a new name for our classroom, guess what name did we choose? We choose "Little star", and we decided to put it in our door. Do you want to see how it is? Look...
The little stars´s classroom. And even our familyes begin to call us "Little star".
And when we work in group, and have to choose one name for the group, guess what name do we choose? Yes, it is "Little star". Look how we write it so well!

Look how beatiful it was...

And when we have to know how many boys and how many girls were in class, the simbol we choose was?... The star. 

For us, even far away, twinkle is always present in our life.
We love Twinkle... She changes our life forever!

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  1. What a suprice ! a new note ! We are also talking about our star and get a postcard from her.
    She is happy with her family. She wrote that she met Your star .
    Someone belives that our star is looking for us and sometimes she is coming and now she is helping us even we cannot see it.