segunda-feira, 5 de julho de 2010

Did you see our Twinkle star?

We are really worried. Our twinkle just disappeared...
We looked everywhere but we could not find her...
Where can she be? Did you see her?
Today, when we arrived at school she was not at the "resting corner" were she use to be, neither at the library, because as she likes stories very much, we thought that may be she went there. She was acting strangely last Friday, because she didn´t play all day and in the evening she didn´t want to go to nobody´s home. And today the window was open, lot´s of sparkling was on the floor and by the window, and she was not at school.
Please if someone find a smiling small yellow star please contact us. We are afraid that she may be lost...
Maria and children

5 comentários:

  1. I will definitely tell you if i see her. Maybe she just went for a bath in the river, because it´s been so hot!!! :D

  2. I guess she is not lost!
    Perhaps she is in the heart of every little child who believes in magic and wonder!...

    Lots of twinkle kisses to all of you
    Graça Duarte and Pequenos Jornalistas

  3. Wonderful Project!

    Keep loving the stars :))

    Graça Duarte and Pequenos Jornalistas

  4. Do not worry. I know where she is! She is on holiday in the Algarve :)

  5. I suppose I've seen it!!!
    In an intense and brigth moment of joy!!!

    Wonderful Project