sábado, 8 de maio de 2010

About our trip

Today we would like to tell you a story about one of the first polish book for kids printed with pictures.It was written by Kornel Makuszyński in 1933.This book is about somersault . He's name Matołek. In polish „matołek” means someone who is not very smart. Matołek heard that somewhere is a town when you can shoe a goats.This town names Pacanów. He was looking this town for all over the world and he had many adventures.

We guess that in Poland everyone knows a book „120 adventures of Somersault Matołek”. It' all written with rhymes.

In 1967 made a fairy tale in tv about Matołek. As an old films this fairy tales does not have any dialogs only music.You can watch it here:


Do You know that Pacanów is really exist in Poland? Couple days ago we went there for a trip .

This town is an European Capitol Of Fairy Tales . You can meet there Somersault Matołek but not only. We went to the European museum of fairy tales. We met there a Little Red Riding Hood . She was our guide. First we had to put some special gnoms shoes. After that we went to a hole in a wall. And a Little Red Riding Hood gave us some magic cakes. When we ate it we became getting smaller and smaller and...

You can read more about Pacanów and museum here: http://www.stolica-bajek.pl/english.php

and see a video about this museum in english here:


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  1. What a wonderful trip. And the town... Marvelous.
    It is a pitty that is so far away from us. We are happy to have you as a friend because, like this you teel us about it. Thankyou for sharing it with us!
    Maria and children